A new album is coming!


My new solo album titled Overundertone will be released on this coming Monday (April 13) by NoRemixes label.  If last album, 120V was a collection of my old pieces, this album is a representation of where I am now. Almost all the tracks in the album use computer-synthesized sounds. Just like anything with with the computer, the sounds in this album are precise, digital, almost to the point that it feels unnatural and inhuman. But I like that aspects of computer music.

Album Art work by Sarah Snyder

I think I made an interesting album. I hope you like it, too.


Feb-March Tour

I performed in 5 cities from Feb 25 to Mar 13.

2.25.15 Lyn Goeringer and I performed a duo improvisation at the Oberlin Faculty Concert. It was broadcasted online.

2.27.15 I did a joint concert with Matthew McCabe at the Columbus State University, GA

3.6.15 I was the keynote speaker at N_SEME2015. I performed my solo set and take about my experience as a solo electroacoustic musician.

3.9.15 I performed Toccata for Found Object and Computer at the University of Nebraska at Kearney for is annual New Music Festival. One gas station in Kearney had an interesting offer.

3.12.15 & 3.13.15 My band I’m With Joo Won performed at Gus’ Cafe in Pittsburgh and Oberlin Playlets. The poster features my hand! More importantly, I shared a stage with improvisational punk band.

And yesterday, IWJW released the first album under Starry Night Records.

In sum, life is good.

A new album is out

120V is out now on Amazon as a downloadable album.

This is a compilation album of my solo works from 2002 to 2013.  All tracks except one are available for streaming in Soundcloud (The SCloud has a better streaming quality, and you can listen to the entire track). The album-only track, also named as 120v, is a no-input mixer piece that is quite different from all other works included in this album.
Visceral Media also made a video interview about me and my album. The guest in this video also appears in some of my works.

Please listen, share, review, and purchase the album!