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Joo Won’s First Recital in Ohio



If you are in NE Ohio area,  come to my debut concert at the Oberlin Conservatory. Performance is my best way to say hello to the community.  The concert is free and open to public. I do not know many people around here yet, so please share this information to your Ohio friends who are into experimental/noise/electroacoustic sounds. Or invite your worst enemy.

Updates – Aug 2014

About a month ago, I have moved from Philadelphia, PA to Oberlin OH. I got a new job as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Technology in Music and Related Arts (aka TIMARA) at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. I am extremely happy about this opportunity,  and am ready to meet great students and artists.


Oberlin is quite a different place than my former job at the Community College of Philadelphia. I worked at a metropolitan community college for six years, meeting a diverse group of students in a vocation-oriented curriculum. I strongly recommend CCP if you are in the Philadelphia area and wants to learn about recording and production. My current job, on the other hand, is in a private liberal arts college in a relatively small city, and I am expected to teach yet another group of diverse students who are studying in a music conservatory environment. They also seem to have  a different goal and aesthetics (compare the works of my CCP students and those of TIMARA).  It is thus inevitable that I need to create a different teaching plan.

Below is the link to my new syllabi for Fall 2014. I am teaching courses that I have not taught in my previous works, but my experience gained at Philadelphia is thoroughly integrated in the new syllabi. For example, two+ years of directing an electronic ensemble at the Community College of Philadelphia taught me how to plan a 16-week long improvisation ensemble class for any kinds of instrumentation. A SuperCollider class I taught at the Temple University became a basis for the Algorithmic Composition class that I’ll be teaching for an upper-level TIMARA students.

This year is going to be an exciting year for my life as a teacher. Like the past few years, encounters with brilliant minds and hearts will give me a chance to grow. I hope to do the same for my students.

Lastly, if you are around the NE Ohio area, please come to my first Oberlin concert on  9/10/14 at 8PM. The show is free and open to public.