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Updates – Aug 2014

About a month ago, I have moved from Philadelphia, PA to Oberlin OH. I got a new job as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Technology in Music and Related Arts (aka TIMARA) at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music. I am extremely happy about this opportunity,  and am ready to meet great students and artists.


Oberlin is quite a different place than my former job at the Community College of Philadelphia. I worked at a metropolitan community college for six years, meeting a diverse group of students in a vocation-oriented curriculum. I strongly recommend CCP if you are in the Philadelphia area and wants to learn about recording and production. My current job, on the other hand, is in a private liberal arts college in a relatively small city, and I am expected to teach yet another group of diverse students who are studying in a music conservatory environment. They also seem to have  a different goal and aesthetics (compare the works of my CCP students and those of TIMARA).  It is thus inevitable that I need to create a different teaching plan.

Below is the link to my new syllabi for Fall 2014. I am teaching courses that I have not taught in my previous works, but my experience gained at Philadelphia is thoroughly integrated in the new syllabi. For example, two+ years of directing an electronic ensemble at the Community College of Philadelphia taught me how to plan a 16-week long improvisation ensemble class for any kinds of instrumentation. A SuperCollider class I taught at the Temple University became a basis for the Algorithmic Composition class that I’ll be teaching for an upper-level TIMARA students.

This year is going to be an exciting year for my life as a teacher. Like the past few years, encounters with brilliant minds and hearts will give me a chance to grow. I hope to do the same for my students.

Lastly, if you are around the NE Ohio area, please come to my first Oberlin concert on  9/10/14 at 8PM. The show is free and open to public.