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Je Seok Koo

I am fortunate to have many talented artist friends. They inspire me, and they do things that I cannot do. Je Seok Koo is an example of such friends. I was introduced to him when he came to The University of Arts in 2012. Over the past few years, Je Seok has become a versatile multimedia artist with an impressive portfolio. Here are some of the things he does exceptionally well.

1. He designs installations and musical instruments

2. He programs audio, and designs web. (Guess who designed my web?)

3. He and I play shows, and he makes living by doing his art (i.e. there are many people who needs his skills).  Check out his recent project with Beats By Dre.

As a technologist, Je Seok helps people (or groups) to do art. I have enjoyed late night discussion with him at a cafe in Philadelphia. We talk about music, codes, and gear. I think we need more people like Je Seok. Meanwhile, contact him at paused-room.com if you need to make an interactive Christmas tree or custom synthesizers.