Elegy No. 2 – for violin and computer

Click here to download the score and the SuperCollider patch

Elegy No. 2 is a piece for violin and computer. The piece was commissioned by Sarah Plum. This recording is a preview of the piece that will be recorded and premiered in early 2018.

Elegy No.2 can be performed with a minimal technical setup. The minimum equipment required for the piece is a laptop. The operation of the patch used for the piece is also done by the performer. In other words, it is a portable piece.  I also made a video for setup and explanation of the piece:

Hardware Setup

• Ideal Devices Needed: audio interface, microphone, computer, speaker, pedal
1. Connect the interface to the computer
2. Select the interface as the main source of input and output for the computer
3. Connect the output of the interface to the speaker
4. Place the microphone close to the violin
5. Use space bar of the keyboard to advance through cues (read section II)
6. Alternatively, connect a pedal to the computer or the interface. A page-turning


• Minimum Devices Needed: laptop, speaker

1. Connect the output of the laptop to the speaker
2. Place the laptop’s microphone close to the violin
3. Use the space bar of the keyboard to advance through cues

The balance between the computer sound and the violin sound should be 50/50. When possible, try to match the computer part’s volume to an unamplified sound of the violin

Software Setup

• The computer uses a free program called SuperCollider and the composer’s SuperCollider file • SuperCollider can be downloaded from http://supercollider.github.io/download

• Elegy2.scd can be downloaded from http://www.joowonpark.net/elegy2

• To run the file:

1. Open Elegy2.scd in SuperCollider
2. In Menu, select Language -> Evaluate File. A GUI window will appear
3. Hit Space Bar (or pedal with a proper setting) to advance through the cue 4. To stop, press Command+period (.) For windows, press control+period. 5. Repeat steps 2-4 to play the piece again

• For performance at a large space increase the value of ~dry in line 15 to 0.5-1.0. This will make the sound of the violin come out from the speakers