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DistMod – for software synthesizer with 18 knobs

DistMod is an audiovisual work for an original digital synthesizer and 18 knobs. The synthesizer was created in SuperCollider by manipulating the waveform shape of the frequency modulator. The synthesizer also has sample-and-hold feature so that the user can smoothly change from a glissando to arpeggio. The piece was written as a demonstration of my electronic music composition class project. The project is called One Sound, and the students are asked to define and create a “single” sound, gesture, or idea.

The patch for DistMod ( www.joowonpark.net/distmod ) can be downloaded at the following link: https://app.box.com/s/uo7z4d0zqpfmrsu5xm1byu9vkyd6ox8w


  1. Open the downloaded .scd file in SuperCollider (available for free at http://supercollider.github.io/ )
  2. Select Menu->Language->Evaluate File

DistMod is a second synthesizer of the -Mod series. The first one, BiQMod can be found at www.joowonpark.net/biqmod